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Services Offered

All services described in this section are for common issues. Each situation is different and we may take a different approach. All services performed will be explained throughout the process. Our goal is to work as safely as possible around your family and pets. Custom service plans may be put together to suit individual needs. We take it personally if a service doesn't work, so trust that we will work tirelessly to resolve problem issues. Any issues not listed here may still be able to be treated, simply contact us and we will answer any question you may have!

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 Maintenence Programs....
We offer a regular maintenence plan to cover a variety of different common pest issues. For a one-time startup fee, followed by subsequent smaller fees for each additional service, we will set you up with protection against....Ants, bees/wasps/hornets, carpenter bees, mice, and a variety of occasional invaders such as spiders, centipedes/millipedes, and crickets. While an ongoing issue is a great reason to start our plan, anticipation of future problems is also something we can take care of! Offering both bi-monthly and quarterly services, we will spray your exterior foundation preventively, set traps for mice, and exterminate any pesky bee/wasp/hornet nests. Any service needed in between your services will be included at no additional cost to you. This includes addressing of a specific issue that may arise, as well as changing out traps if they fill. These are typicially problems that regularly plague the home, so a maintenence program is the best way to let us stay on top of things!!
(Plans do not include termite treatments, wildlife control, powder post beetles, fleas,or bedbugs. Cockroaches and rats may incur additional charges on a case by case basis, so therefore are only included at our discretion. All plans can be adjusted to fit your needs and pricing may reflect those changes)

 Bed Bugs....
When bedbugs began making their now infamous comeback a few years ago, we didn't want to lag behind in our treatment efforts, or be unable to answer our customer's questions. At a time when many of our competitors were either applying techniques better suited to other insects, or simply refusing any and all bedbug work, we took it upon ourselves to develop a comprehensive approach to bedbugs that in our opinion exceeds the treatment efforts of many of our competitors. We address all aspects of the issue, including your comfort levels and being as informative as possible. We use a combination of methods, including a customer interview, inspection of affected areas, and then both chemical and non-chemical treatment techniques to ensure elimination of those terrible invading bugs! Since bedbugs are a very sensitive issue, and require quite a bit of preparation on both yours and our parts, we have a seprate page HERE specifically for our bedbug treatment program that will help you to be better informed. We have experience in large apartment complexes, and while this may or may not affect treatment, we know it needs to be taken into consideration.


Subterranean Termites are insects that live underground in large colonies and forage for cellulose based organic matter. In other words...they EAT WOOD! They cannot readily leave the soil, so they tunnel up behind your stoops, walls, and in your crawl spaces and basements and start eating your home. The only time you may see them is in the spring, when they swarm out in search of expansion. Thats when you get what appears to be hundreds of small "flying ants" which move slowly and eventually lose their wings and die. These swarms are harmless themselves, but likely indicate a deeper problem hidden away!
For subterranean termite infestations, we offer traditional soil treatments using a non-repellant termiticides. We feel these types of treatments are far superior to other types of treatments, including baiting systems. We can install baiting systems if you like or need, we just prefer the tried and true method of a barrier with the added benefit of the non-repellency of our termiticides. With non-repellant insecticides, the insects do not sense the chemical, and therefore do not alter their behavior to avoid them. This allows the insects to continually contact the treated zone, and transport it back to the colony, ensuring elimination. We will drill small 1/2 inch holes at intervals across stone patios and stoops, as well as asphalt adjacent to the home. We will also trench the soil adjacent to the structure and treat it with a rodding method. We offer a standard guarantee of 3 years against reinfestation, with the guarantee extendable after that for 10% of the original treatment cost. The structure(s) will be inspected each year during the guarantee period to ensure reinfestation has not occured. Jeff has personally performed hundreds of termite treatments, many for real estate situations. Why worry about getting the low man on the totem pole to dump hundreds of gallons of termiticide into the soil around and in your home when with Home Free Pest Control a company owner with 12 years of termite treating experience will personally see to it that the costly and sensitive treatment is both effective and safe!! One of the benefits of this experience is knowing just how to handle situations around your well or utility lines, as well as an attention to detail when doing the treatment that has a lower impact and comes with a passion for what we are doing.
Treatments done with Termidor.

Termite Swarmers appear in the Spring in CT! They Lose their wings and Die when they swarm inside.

Jeff demonstrates a typical termiticide application to the soil surrounding a home.

 Bees and Wasps....
These flying, stinging pests are one of the few that can pose an immediate danger, especially if you or someone you know has an allergy to stings. They seem to always be around during the times when you want to enjoy your yard! It can be hard to do when bees and wasps are crashing your barbecue! We treat everything from paper wasps making small cones around your windows and gutters, to large paper nests filled with yellow jackets or white faced hornets, to carpenter bees drilling round holes in your house leaving sawdust and staining . Sure you can go after it with something from the hardware store, or you can let Home Free Pest Control come out with our protective suits and easily take care of it for you....GUARANTEED!!

Let us use our suits to handle your dangerous Bee or Wasp situation.

Everyone gets mice! Well, maybe not everyone but one would be surprised what is in the walls, basements, garages, and attics of homes! You may have already tried to trap them, and possibly even have small appliances plugged into your wall sockets eating up electricity and having little to no effect on the ongoing issue. You may have noticed their droppings, small and brown similar in appearance to dark brown or black rice, or (I apologize for the unpleasant analogy...but it fits!!) chocolate shots from an ice cream sundae. They may have gotten into your food supplies, or stored items and left their mess, or even chewed and destroyed your items in storage. We offer a comprehensive approach to mice that differs from many of our competitors. Many companies come in and put bait stations full of poison throughout your home. Using poison to control a mouse infestation in a small building or home is usually unnecessary, and is used by many lazy pest control operators to avoid trap collection. The mice eat the bait, and die in your house, many times where they cannot be located to facilitate removal. The resulting smells can be offending. They do not become thirsty and go outside to look for water, contrary to popular belief. We set a platoon of conventional snap traps, starting in the unfinished areas of your home, and moving on from there. Bait does serve a purpose, however we reserve it to help control population in an outside area such as a shed or garage. Large apartment buildings and commercial buildings are approached differently as well. We also offer the customer guidance on helping us help them, by making suggestions that will benefit the issue, such as movement of trash, bird feeders, etc. Ongoing mouse issues are best taken care of with one of our regular maintenence plans, however if you feel you just need a head start in cleaning out a population than one time services with a 90 day service guarantee are also available. Also, if upon inspection we encounter some openings where the mice could be entering, we may point them out and possibly offer exclusion services at an additional cost. Our exclusion services are meant to help limit rodent traffic, and unfortunately do not always totally eliminate the problem. Some structures are just hard to seal up. We will never offer to perform exclusion work on a house that is heavily damaged or hard to exclude because if we don't think it will help, we don't want to take your hard earned money!

For invading ants, we have a few different approaches. For small ant species (pavement/sugar ants), we typicially apply a targeted bait to the affected areas. This bait has a very low toxicity when properly applied, as opposed to interior spraying. For the larger black carpenter ants, we will attempt to assess where they may be nesting. Fortunately, finding the nest isn't always essential with todays non repellant sprays. Many times a properly applied exterior spray will take care of an issue within a couple weeks at most, depending on the amount of ant traffic in and out. We start with an exterior application, however if we decide that a safe, limited interior application will help, then we may come inside and treat. Our goal is to eliminate the colony, not to coat your house in spray!

You may have spied them exiting your structure at dusk, or found their droppings in or around your house. You may have even had one in your house! Bat issues can be addressed by finding all areas of the structure that provide access for the bats to roost, then closing them off and installing one-way "check valves" that allow all roosting bats to escape and then they are unable to re-enter. This vital population will then relocate, hopefully close by! They are fantastic at keeping mosquito populations down! Droppings can be cleaned up (subject to accessibility) for an additional cost. These services will not be performed in the winter months, November 15th thru April 15th, as the bats are in hibernation. Sealing the holes may entrap the bats and cause issues. Also, a period starting in late may until early august, when the bats are bearing their young. Excluding bats may cause immobile young to be abandoned, and unless an extreme case of bats invading your living space with regularity is occurring, it is unnecessary to remove them with haste and waiting a few weeks will benefit their already declining population. All bat exclusion work includes a standard three (3) year service guarantee against re-infestation.

Large Brown Bats hanging in the corner of an attic during the day.

Close-Up of Bat Droppings on an electrical box below their roost opening.

Bats only need a small gap such as these to gain entry to your home!


Noise in your attic at night? 3 or 4 A.M. wakeup calls of something scampering above your bed? You may have an infestation of Flying Squirrels. These small nocturnal squirrels are seldom seen in the wild, being amongst the most secretive animals around. They nest socially, especially in the winter when they bundle for warmth. It is not uncommon for one to have a few to a few dozen of them living in their attics and wall voids. Inspection can reveal piles of small droppings (similar in appearance to slightly larger mouse droppings) and urine staining, as they often utilize communal latrine areas.
You may also have seen regular old Grey Squirrels entering through a hole in your structure. Or just heard the stampeding all day! We can remove these squirrels as well. There are also varieties of other small squirrels such as Red Squirrels that sometimes become an issue and we take care of these as well.

We have a variety of both lethal and non lethal methods available, and all squirrel work includes necessary exclusion work to seal up the holes. We offer 90 day service guarantees against re-infestation. As squirrels can be destructive, services may be altered mid-job to ensure success, however your price will never increase with the workload.

We get up on the roof where the squirrels chew their way in!
A one way device such as this is one of the many ways we can safely rid your home of squirrels.

Hardly noticable from a ladder, let alone the ground!  Flying Squirrels were slipping right through the louvers!
Now it is virtually squirrel proof, while not looking terrible!

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