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About the Owners

We are truly owner operated.  When you call Home Free Pest Control you get Jeff, Rob, or sometimes unfortunately our voicemail.  That is a pitfall of not having an office staff.  We beg your patience, please simply leave a message with your name, issue, and phone number, and one of us will call you back as soon as possible.  We are likely helping someone out with a problem!  That pitfall is outweighed by the assurance that your service technician is highly skilled, experienced, and most importantly, cares like they own the company!!

Jeff Pietrowicz

    My name is Jeff Pietrowicz.  I started out in the Pest Control industry in 2002, taking a job on the recommendation of a friend.  I quickly realized that this highly specialized, personal industry was one I loved.  After years spent working for a local medium sized company, my business partner Rob Cornish and I decided that we desired to apply our take on customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail to our own company, and Home Free Pest Control was formed. 

Rob Cornish
My name is Rob Cornish. I started out in the Pest Control industry in 2006, after a discussion with Jeff led me to believe I would thrive in the field. I fit right in, quickly becoming service manager for a local medium sized company and overseeing the commercial contracts side of the company. I also took it upon myself to develop my own comprehensive approach to bedbugs that I feel exceeds the standard treatments utilized by most of my competitors. When Jeff and I realized that our dedication to the customer service side of the business was something we wanted to expand upon, we decided to open Home Free Pest Control

    We both pride ourselves on our integrity.  Far too many of our competitors use fear based sales tactics to hopefully leverage you into acting now.  We believe that a customer who is contending with a potentially aggravating pest issue in THEIR HOME, as well as both the cost and stress of having to hire a company and let a stranger with chemicals in THEIR HOME around THEIR FAMILY have little need for undue additional stress.  We will definitely make you aware of a potentially hazardous situation if necessary, but in most cases will simply be informative, compassionate, and professional while we both help the customer deal with the situation and expertly attend to it with our 15+ years of experience. 




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