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Commercial Services

Schools   Stadiums   Factories   Office Buildings   Municipal Facilities 
Medical Facilities   Restaurants   Housing Complexes

We have many years of experience dealing with commercial accounts of all types.  We have serviced and managed accounts encompassing entire municipal/school systems, condo complexes, factories, hospitals, commercial kitchens, restaurants, office buildings, medical facilities, stadiums, and many other examples.  Our commercial service types range from monthly maintainence type stops to case by case pricing for larger issues.  We at Home Free understand exactly how to handle these sensitive accounts.  We realize that many times a third party is involved, whether it is an inspector, or a tenant/resident, or employees in an office building.  We are very skilled at dealing with these issues with as little impact as possible.  We practice IPM, meaning we only use chemical spraying when absolutely necessary, and have many lower impact treatments we can perform first.  Dealing with the aformentioned third parties is not an issue, and we take care to ensure that your needs as facilities maintainence will be met.  We always have YOUR back, and will help them to see it our way.  Special times for certain jobs can be scheduled.  For more information or a bid, contact us at sales@homefreepest.com


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